Hot Pink Revelation

July 7, 2019

hot pink computer case

Tappety tap. Tappety tap, tap, tap. You know that girl. You see her in the coffee shop. She always wears an army jacket and swings through the door, hot pink laptop tucked up under her arm. Her long hair usually was tangled. But it looked so good that way.

She wove her way through a wave of quivering humans anxiously awaiting their premium handcrafted drinks (double star day, wooot!). Some stared at her with sad, empty eyes that langorously swept over her legs before landing on the flash of hot pink tucked against her side.

“I don’t want a boring life!” the tangled-hair girl suddenly yelled out. “I don’t want to be like you!”

Massive white feathers suddenly tore through the back of her faded-green jacket-clad shoulder blades.

“She has wings!” cried a petite black-haired barista wearing too much eyeliner to possibly be a nice girl.

“And a hot pink laptop case,” quipped the girl in the corner as she tapped away on her keyboard.

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